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    Nice to Meet You!

    Name:  pro pic for fstop.jpg
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Size:  28.2 KBMy name is Lauri Garcia Jones. I have been told that I was a digital fine art photographer, although the title isn't nearly as important as the need to follow my creativity and capture it. I have been interested in photography since I was very young. Cameras have increasingly become more and more tolerant to me handling them as i have no prior experience or training on the technical end of photography.

    Up until March 2012, I was completely self taught. I just completed a class which consisted of six classes (Intro to Digital Photography I.) I had a very tough time since I had already become accustomed to my own method of photographing.

    As you may have noticed (or not) I typically shoot people and not much else. My alternate subject would be landscapes. At this point I am still learning much about myself as a person and a photographer. I will continue to create the portraits I find pleasing and like most artists, soon enough my taste will change. Until then I hope you enjoy my work and feel free to ask me any questions.

    -Lauri Garcia Jones

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    Hello Lauri! I am glad you jumped into the forum.

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    Welcome! I wish to read and to see some more from you.

    BTW, very interesting shots on the link above.
    Bye, to the next shot!


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