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Thread: New Fuji X-T2

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    New Fuji X-T2

    I've been eyeing the Fuji mirrorless cameras for a few years now, waiting for the right opportunity to jump in and pick one up. I'm not getting rid of all my Canon gear, however. I love them both! The compact size of the Fuji X-T2 makes it perfect for an everyday camera. I anticipate having this near me almost all the time.

    Fuji X-T2 by John Brainard, on Flickr

    I took this with my 100mm f/2.8L mounted on my Canon 6D, lit with 2 Yongnuo 560 IV flashes and one Canon 580 EX 2 flash.

    Here's a size comparison with my Canon 6D with 24-105mm f/4L mounted.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Camera Size Comparison.jpg 
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    Please tell me what you think of my photos. I'm always looking for brutal honesty so I can improve my work.

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    The difference in size between mirrorless and DLSR bodies is pretty significant.

    I've found lugging around a DSLR is a major pain too! If I want to take off-the-cuff portraits (i.e. just fun pics of my kids), I need to think about whether or not I want a flash (for quick fill). Most of the time that rules out my full frame Canon (since it doesn't have a pop up flash) or I have to bring a flash head. So, I may end up bringing a 7D instead (that has a pop up flash), but it's huge too.

    Too many decisions to make and lugging it all around make it less likely I will pull it out and shoot!

    One thing I've discovered (along with millions of others) is that my phone has become my primary camera. I take so many more pictures now that smartphone cameras have become so much more sophisticated and sensor quality has improved. Over the last few days I have been backing up photos I've taken over the last year and it's really shocking how many more pictures I am taking versus years past - especially of my kids and family.

    In the past, I documented major events (Christmas, birthdays, sport events, etc.). That's changed over the last few years with smartphones. I love that I can quickly document minor events (a cup of hot chocolate at home, etc.) so quickly without it taking away from the moment. And the pics are usually beautiful - even good enough to print and frame (if I catch something that I really like).

    Photography is still in flux with lots of changes still on the horizon!



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