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    Less weight - do you use camera straps around your shoulder? HoldFast?

    I am a wedding photographer. After a long day of shooting a wedding I am just so tired of having my cameras on straps around my neck.

    I saw some people use camera straps around the shoulder which puts the weight on the shoulder rather than the neck area....

    Do you use them? Which one would you recommend? How about HoldFast camera straps?

    Thanks so much!

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    I've looked at your website - your work (as well as your wife's) is really high quality! I am very impressed.

    I use a Cotton Carrier system (one on my hip and the other on my chest). Link: https://www.cottoncarrier.com/. I used the hip only version for one-on-one portrait sessions (to free up my hands for moving lights, etc.). I use both together at weddings so that I can pack two cameras (I am a one man show, my wife doesn't shoot, she coordinates behind the scenes).

    It's a great system. When I started using it years ago, it was pretty much the only system like it. Since then, I've noticed there are several similar competitors (so you might check them out as well).

    My only negative comment about it is that the hard plastic (that holds the camera) eventually wears out over time. I've replace my hip holster about every 1 1/2-2 years (with tons of use). I would like to see them replace the plastic with a stronger composite material or even metal.

    An unexpected upside to the system is that it works great for hiking too. I can strap my camera onto my chest and a pack to my back. It allows me to have quick access to my camera when I am hiking.



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