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Thread: Softbox theory

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    Softbox theory

    Hi there, after my reflective umbrella recently tuned into an inverse umbrella (thanks to mother nature) I'm looking at getting a speedlight softbox similar to this http://www.amazon.com/SMDV-DIFF60-Sp...iffuser-60#Ask

    It looks very similar to most portable softboxes I've seen, but I was wondering if the reflective panels of the umbrella part of a softbox actually assist? If the speedlight is facing towards the diffusion panel, I can imagine that the diffusion panel acts like a scrim, but is the reflective interior actually providing any useful benefit at all? Or is it really much the same as if an assistant was holding a scrim up in front of the flash?

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    Hello Steve. I am actually looking at that same softbox to replace an older, portable softbox I have now (that's starting to fall apart). The reviews looks pretty good. Since I haven't had a chance to use this particular softbox, my best guess is that the reflective panels simply help reflect back as much light as possible through the softbox.


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