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Share an Image as Desktop Wallpaper

You have stunning images sitting on your computer waiting to be seen and enjoyed by others. Why not share them with the F/Stop Spot community? The F/Stop Spot is visited by tens of thousands of people every month. If your image is accepted, it will be showcased on the front page of the F/Stop Spot and shared within our social networking streams. Submitting an image as wallpaper is a great way to gain exposure!

Submission Instructions
All submissions are reviewed for quality. Only the highest quality images will be accepted and shared as desktop wallpaper on the F/Stop Spot. Here are the guidelines:

  • Any images submitted must be created and/or captured by you. Do not submit images that don’t belong to you.
  • Submit images in their original (uncropped) aspect ratio with a minimum length of 4000 pixels wide and at least 150 ppi (300 ppi preferred). Images over 10 MBs will not be accepted (be sure to re-size before submitting).
  • JPEG images will be accepted; however we prefer images in TIFF format and sRGB color space.
  • Please enter the name of the image and provide a description (detailing how and where it was captured).
  • Please enter the technical specs of image if you know them (aperture, shutter speed, ISO and camera name).
  • Please provide your first and last name so that we can properly credit the image. You’re also encourage to provide your website address or a social networking page.
  • Please do not submit images more than once. Contact us if you suspect that your image was not uploaded properly
  • Do not submit images with trademark, copyright or protected content. Do not submit images containing identifiable people, public figures or celebrities.
  • Do not upload pornography. This includes images that some might consider artistic or “tasteful nudes”.

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Submit your image below. Images should be at least 4000 pixels wide and less than 10 megabyte in size.

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