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Huge List of Free Lightroom Presets for Portrait and Landscape Photography

Check out this huge list of free Lightroom presets for portrait and landscape photography! Lightroom is an amazing photo management and editing tool. It’s easy to forget how much work it was to process digital photographs before Lightroom.

Free Lightroom Presets for Portrait and Landscape PhotographyOne of the things that makes Lightroom so special is the ability to create develop recipes or presets that you can use over and over again. We’ve sorted through the bazillion websites (ok, not quite that many!) that offer presets so that you don’t have to. Below is a comprehensive list of free Lightroom presets for portrait and landscape photography with no strings attached.

The list has been separated by Lightroom 3 and older and Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC and newer. There’s no junk on this list!

Note: Many of the above presets are also compatible with older versions of Lightroom.

Portrait Posing Photography Tips and Guides

Of course, be sure to check out our free presets for Lightroom including our extremely popular workflow presets.

How to Install Lightroom Presets
Download and extract your presets onto your desktop (or someplace convenient). Next open Lightroom and navigate to either the Library or Develop Module. Click Edit -> Preferences from the top menu to open the preferences dialog window. Click on the Presets tab (at the top) and then Show Lightroom Presets Folder. Your computer’s file explorer window should pop open. Open the Lightroom folder and then open the Develop Presets folder.

Copy the presets within Develop Presets folder. Now you must close and re-open Lightroom for the presets to show up. You will find the presets in the left panel under the Develop Module.

Interested in Sharing Your Own Lightroom Presets?
Have you created a few wiz-bang Lightroom presets that you wish to share? Send us an email or leave a comment below and we will gladly add you to the list. The only caveat is that your presets have to be totally free with no strings attached.

About the Author: Steve Paxton lives with his wife and two children in the Seattle area. Steve has been a photographer for over 20 years. His experience ranges from wedding and portrait work to landscape photography.

Steve owns and manages the F/Stop Spot; a website dedicated to supporting photographers of all skill levels. You can find more of Steve’s work at Paxton Portraits.


  1. Awesome links – will be using them!


  2. I found my presets in the list. Happy to see my name here.

  3. Thanks for this! Victoria Brampton (Lightroom Queen) also has a list of preset sites, but hers included both free and paid presets.

    I’ve taken the liberty of adding this post to my ‘Lightroom Links’ page (over 200 sites offering tips, tutorials, videos, etc.)


  4. Thanks for the links!

  5. Thanks for the mention. It is always nice to see others finding value in my creative ideas.

  6. Thank you for mention, it’s very nice to see this preset.

  7. Thank you for this list of presets. I’ve already tried the free presets from onOne software. They aren’t my favorites, since a lot of the adjustments are pretty heavy handed, but there are a few good ones in there.

  8. My website with Lightroom Presets (mentioned in this list) has been updated recently. More presets will be available soon as well:

  9. Hi there,

    great list thank you! Maybe you should add to the selection. They offer some really nice free lightroom presets.

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