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Learn How To Restore Old Photographs in Photoshop

Many us have film and vintage photographs that have been passed down from generation to generation. These pictures are simply irreplaceable. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration recommends storing your images in the coolest (65-70 F), driest (35-50% humidity) location in your home and to avoid places that experience temperature and humidity fluctuations throughout the year. In most homes, an above ground closet is the most ideal place to safely store vintage prints.

Learn How to Repair Vintage Pictures in Photoshop

It’s also wise to carefully scan and digitize your favorite snapshots. This ensures that your pictures will last forever (as long as you keep them backed up). But what can you do about photographs that have already been ravaged by time or damaged in storage? Elias Sarantopoulos describes several easy-to-learn techniques for breathing new life into your old pictures.

In this two part video series, Elias explains how to make complex selections using the Refine Edge tool, repair color shifts and much more.

Download the Exercise Files
You can download the textures and exercise files used in the video here.

About the Author
Elias Sarantopoulos has a Master of Arts from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Elias works and teaches at Yeditepe University in Istanbul at the Visual Communication Design Department. You can learn more about Elias and watch his other tutorials on photography and web design at