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Featured Artist: Bartosz Ksiazkiewicz

Editor’s Note: Bartosz Ksiazkiewicz’s photographs are both dramatic and unique. How many photographers do you know who have a large body of images involving military vehicles and tanks in action? Head over to Bartosz’ website to see more of his wonderful work! -Steve

Dramatic and Unique Images
My name is Bartosz Ksiazkiewicz. I was born on 21, December 1989 in Koszalin – Poland. Currently I am living in small town called Darlowo. This town is located in North Poland near the Baltic Sea. My adventure with photography began seven years ago. My first photographs were taken with an Olympus c720uz and they weren’t very good. Two years later I began using a Canon 350d. I know that my photos are not always the best; however I am always trying to improve my techniques.

Polish Photographer Bartosz Ksiazkiewicz Captures the Wheat Field and Sunset
I prefer digital photography primarily because it is less expensive than film. Digital photography is so much easier to process than film. I initially began taking macro photographs, but now I am interested in shooting dynamic landscapes and action photos.

I use Photoshop software for processing my photos. I think that Photoshop is probably the best editing software available for processing digital photographs. Photoshop allows photographers to improve their images.

Polish Photographer Bartosz Ksiazkiewicz Captures a Dramatic Image of a Military Tank on the Battle Field

I enjoy riding bicycles – in fact, I often take photographs while riding. My favorite kind of music is techno, heavy metal, molidc metal and rock. I also enjoy horror and thriller films.

I invite you to view more my photographs on my website: Feel free to send me an email if you want to learn more about me or if you any questions. Thanks!

Photography and Artist Statement by Bartosz Ksiazkiewicz
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