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Guides and Resources for Photographers

Free 1960s Vintage Photoshop Borders

Dress up your images with these free 1960s vintage Photoshop borders. These beautiful 1960s borders will add some vintage sizzle to your work! Each frame has been meticulously touch up and customized in Photoshop....

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Free 1950s Vintage Photoshop Borders

Show off your portraits and family photographs with these beautifully distressed 1950s borders. This retro border set comes with seven individual frames that were created from actual photographs taken in the early...

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Free Vintage Envelope and Frame Set

Use this vintage envelope and photo frame set in your next design project. The set includes the front and back of a vintage envelope from the 1950s. We are also including a photo frame template. These high...

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Free 1940s Vintage Photoshop Borders

Show off your beautiful photographs by adding a vintage – retro, 1940s style Photoshop border. We are making several retro frames available as a free download without restrictions. Each frame was created from...

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Free 35mm Kodak and Fuji Borders

Old-school photographers remember the days when the type of film you chose had a big impact on how the final images turned out. Now that digital photography has become mainstream, film of every type is getting...

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Free Polaroid Borders

Give your digital images an analog feel with these high resolution Polaroid borders. The borders are the real deal made from old Polaroid photographs. The borders are approximately 10×12 inches in size (big...

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