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Guides and Resources for Photographers

Creating Realistic High Dynamic Range Photos

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography exploded in popularity several years ago and continues to captivate new and experienced photographers. Most people are struck by the extreme contrast and dramatic look of HDR...

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Increase the Dynamic Range of a Single Image

There are times when it is impossible to capture the entire dynamic range of a scene in a single image. Recently I ran in into this problem during a short trip I made through a beautiful farming valley. I found a...

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HDR Processing Walk-Through Using Photomatix

I recently made a trip to one of the oldest districts of Kansas City, Missouri known West Bottoms. West Bottoms used to be the industrial crossroads for the city and the nation. Industrial goods and products were...

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HDR Software Comparison

I put together a quick comparison of three of the most popular HDR programs available to photographers while demonstrating how I processed the HDR image you see above. This guide should be especially helpful to...

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