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Guides and Resources for Photographers

Featured Artist: Larry Treadway

Editor’s Note: Larry Treadway (simply known as “Tread” online) is one of the few photographers who works primarily with film. While new technology continues improving the field of digital...

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Featured Artist: Justin Bettman

Editor’s Note: As a urban portrait photographer myself, Justin Bettman’s Bagel Project caught my attention. His pictures of people living on the street are endearing and sometimes humorous. He has a...

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Featured Artist: Gina Fornito

Editor’s Note: Gina Fornito is a lifestyle photographer based out of Medford, New Jersey. She specializes in weddings and one-on-one portraits. She also enjoys photographing children and families. You can see...

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Featured Artist: Charles W. Guilder

Editor’s Note: I was fortunate to bump into photographer and traveler, Charles Guildner. I discovered that he is lives in the Puget Sound region not too far from me. Mr. Guildner’s focus on the rural...

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Featured Artist: Bartosz Ksiazkiewicz

Editor’s Note: Bartosz Ksiazkiewicz’s photographs are both dramatic and unique. How many photographers do you know who have a large body of images involving military vehicles and tanks in action? Head over...

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Featured Artist: Dana Flaherty

Editor’s Note: Dana Flaherty’s photographs are decidedly dark. She has a knack for finding rundown, grungy environments and then uses the available light to create remarkable images. Dana sometimes adds...

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Featured Artist: Claus Petersen

Editor’s Note: Claus Petersen has been a great friend of mine over the last few years. His images have a dark, enchanting quality that leave you wanting more. He masterfully uses deep shadows to convey his style....

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Featured Artist: Morgan Rigsbee

Editor’s Note: Morgan Rigsbee took the plunge! She is working hard to build a photography business. It takes lots of elbow grease and a bit of courage to establish a successful portrait business. Morgan’s...

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Featured Photographer: Erik Christian Gliedman

Editor’s Note: As a father, I enjoyed exploring Erik’s ballet project. He’s found a unique way to combine love for his children and passion for photography. Set in beautiful natural environments,...

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Featured Artist: Ada Emihe

Editor’s Note: As a new photographer, Ada Emihe has dialed in a wonderful style in her portraits. She has a knack for making meaningful connections with the people she photographs and does a great job...

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