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Top 10 Pro Tips for Posing Women’s Hands

Hands rank second only to the face in the (positive or negative) impact they can have on a portrait. Hands demand the viewer’s attention. Women’s hands should always appear delicate and feminine....

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“C” Shaped Posing in Portrait Photography

Quickly improve the quality of your portraits by using “C” shaped posing techniques. Recently we looked at how to create dynamic portraits using “S” shaped posing. Introducing an...

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Street Photography Urban Portrait with Rick

I followed Rick for nearly three blocks before finally contacting him near a busy intersection. I initiated a conversation by asking him how he was doing. This doesn’t always work. Imagine walking up to a...

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Consider a Career in Forensic Photography

Editor’s Note: Have you ever considered a career in forensic photography? George Reis is a highly respected instructor, author and photographer. He specializes in Image/Video Enhancement and Analysis as well...

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Whimsical Posing: Flaring the Dress

It’s challenging for new portrait photography struggling to learn how to pose women. This is a whimsical pose that’s quick and easy to put together! I love how beautiful this flared dress pose makes my...

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Street Photography Urban Portrait with Larry

I met Larry while traveling through Springfield, Illinois in 2007 after a very long day of traveling through the state. My wife and I pulled off the Interstate to find a restroom and inadvertently drove into a very...

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List of Free High Quality Lightroom Presets

Lightroom is an amazing photo management and editing tool. It’s easy to forget how much work it was to process digital photographs before Lightroom. One of the things that makes Lightroom so special is the...

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Desktop Wallpaper: “Master Lock”

Image Description I love close up, detail shots of things. My 100mm f/2.8L Macro lens is the lens I’d keep if I had to get rid of all but one. I also enjoy old, gritty objects. Naturally, this is my favorite...

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“S” Shaped Posing in Portrait Photography

Note: This posing technique is found in the Pocket Poser™ app for smartphones and tablets. Learn more about Pocket Poser™ and download it from the Google Play Store. Strengthen your images with...

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Pose Like a Professional With Pocket Poser!

Always have access to 100s of professional portrait poses and learn the latest posing techniques using Pocket Poser™ for smartphones and tablets! Pocket Poser™ features over 300 professional poses of...

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Part 1: Capturing High Impact Urban Portraits on the Street

Note: Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video providing a glimpse into the day-in-the-life of the project at the end of this guide. When you finish reading this guide, click over to Part 2: Street...

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